Dr Szmich™ is a brand of specialist cosmetics for hand-hygiene, face and body care. Our mission is to provide professional preparations that provide beauty, comfort and a sense of safety, which is the fundamental need of every human being.

The brand was created by Józef Szmich, PhD in Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Lodz University of Technology. Dr Józef Szmich implements into practice the knowladge he had gained over three decades about innovative cosmetic solutions.

Discover the world of specialized cosmetics of the highest quality by which we express our care for your safety and beauty!

Why are we trustworthy?


We have been working in the cosmetic field for over 30 years.


The highest standards confirmed by certificates.


Production in our own plants and laboratories.


Dermatologically tested formulas.


The brand signed by the surname.

Our values

Innovation and continuous development

We are here to provide innovative cosmetics and ensure continuous improvement of the portfolio while having in mind meeting restrictive standards.

Premium quality and meeting profiled, customised needs

We focus on developing high-quality recipes that will meet the most demanding needs.

Knowledge and trust

We are transparent. We do not promise the impossible - only confirmed claims supported by specialist knowledge of Dr. Józef Szmich and his staff of professionals.

Beauty and comfort

We are a semi-pharmacy brand but above all a cosmetic company. We are focused on providing our clients comfort and sense of beauty.

Dr Szmich's brand products are manufactured by Delia Cosmetics using many years of experience and knowledge.

Reaction speed

We have produced and sold over 2 million pieces of antibacterial products within 1 month from the beginning of the epidemic.

Own laboratories

We have 3 own specialized laboratories.

Production capacity

Thanks to high production capacity, we can produce up to 3 million pieces of tubes, jars, bottles and 2 million sachets per month.

Medical products

We are authorized to manufacture medical products.

We act ethically

#we help

We work for charity, helping in difficult pandemic times. Gels are provided free of charge to various medical and public institutions.

We have already helped:

  • The Gajusz Foundation
  • Łódź Hospice for Children - Łupkowa
  • Provincial Medical Rescue Station in Łódź
  • Mikołaj Koprenik Hospital in Łódź
  • Nursing Home Care Włókniarz named Pope John Paul II
  • Home for Infant Children in Łódź
  • Luxury Medical Care ambulances
  • The HOME Foundation
  • The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association in Łódź

Shopping that helps


As much of the antibacterial products you buy online - the same amount we will donate to fight the coronavirus.

We are a partner of a social initiative to help in times of pandemics.